Care Home Design: How Interiors Can Affect Recovery

Care Home Design: How Interiors Can Affect Recovery

When patients are in care, it’s important to ensure sure they are as comfortable in their surroundings as possible as this can have a big influence on their well-being and recovery.

When choosing materials, there have been studies that support the use of carpets throughout rooms of a care facility, and it is thought to help the surroundings feel more like home to patients. However, some say that using easy to clean flooring is better for specific care facilities. So, look at what would suit you, your team, your patients and your care facility the best.

Research shows that finding artwork that is psychologically appropriate to the patients that are staying there can improve their recovery and mental wellbeing. This could include waterscapes, flowers and gardens, natural landscapes, as well as art which includes figures with positive gestures and facial expressions, which can help to reduce stress and can even improve pain relief.

What are the views like from the patient’s windows? While a change in landscape around the home may not be possible, if patients have a natural view to look at of trees, plants or green spaces, this is more likely to aid their recovery. It is also worth thinking about the style of curtains going into the rooms, depending on the types of patient likely to reside there. If they have dementia, it is best to not use bold patterns and shapes as this can cause them confusion and stress, so be sure to dementia friendly designs & styles.

With the constant movement of patients around the building in wheelchairs, beds, and general foot traffic, this can have an effect on the walls with marks and scrapes being caused. It is then important to keep the hallways looking fresh and bright, with frequent checks on the paint and the condition of the hallways.

If you’ve got a care home project coming up, or if you’re looking to add some of these qualities to your care facility, we have a wide range of products on our website that will help utilise the space you have and add ambience throughout. Have a browse through our range of products and fabrics, or if you have a fabric or project query, get in touch!


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