Digital Print Fabrics: What’s The Deal?

Digital Print Fabrics: What’s The Deal?

Textile printing was a popular technique in European culture in the 12th century, and became a favoured alternative over traditional hand-woven embroidery. However, due to the low quality of ink during the 12th century, textile printing technology wasn’t quite up to scratch.

Fast-forward to 2018, and digital printing technology has come on an impressive way. Inkjet printing on textiles is one of the fastest growing segments within digital print, with the worldwide market rising to £1.45 billion in 2018, more than double its value in 2013. Across this period, the volume of fabrics printed digitally has risen from 548 million m² to 1.16 billion m² [1]. With the digital age now impressing on high and low volume printed designs, we are seeing a renaissance in the quality and intricacy of printed designs.


With raising concerns around climate change, the concept of sustainability and sustainable options are becoming increasingly popular. The demand for environmentally friendly printing technology and fabrics has grown significantly, and with the introduction of digital printing, waste has been significantly reduced. Digitally printed fabrics also use a considerable amount less energy than traditional fabrics, and the process cuts out major steps in the fabric production, including treatment, drying, and washing, making the process waterless, and VOC and O3 free.

Most inherent fire retardant curtains from our care home and student accommodation ranges are transfer printed from digital or litho designs on to a polyester or Trevira base cloth. Printed designs are very washable, and offer the best qualities in practicality and price point.

With our designers, we can custom design printed material from your concepts within 1 week, and print from as little as 10 metres. We also hold copyright designs bespoke to some of the largest accommodation providers ensuring they protect their brand from imitation.

If you’re looking for fresh, modern prints, or maybe even custom intricate designs, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with our expert design team and see how we can add the finishing touches to your project.

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