There are currently 2.3 million students studying in UK universities, and out of those 2.3 million, one in three of them are likely to experience a form of mental health issue during their studies. In the past five years, 94% of universities have noticed a considerable spike in the number of students requiring help and counselling for their mental health; or even dropping out of university altogether due to these issues.

This year, we are proud to be supporting University Mental Health Day, organised by Student Minds and UMHAN, who are actively trying to change the way that student mental health is narrated within the media and the community and help to raise awareness of the issues facing our younger generation today. This year their campaign is focused around encouraging students to use their voice and share their experiences and stories about how mental health has affected them whilst being at university.

Using #UniMentalHealthDay across social media platforms will help to spark conversations between those who have shared similar experiences, and can offer support to one another. By students using their voice, it will mean that they are helping to change the stigma that surrounds mental health and can help influence others to speak out, and gain help.

It’s great to see a shift in attitudes towards mental health, and companies actively trying to create change about the way that mental health is perceived. Follow @StudentMindsOrg to see what brilliant things are happening throughout the day, or follow and get involved with the #UniMentalHealthDay hashtag!

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